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Detecting Communities in VKontakte

Detecting discrete social groups in VKontakte with the Girvan-Newman algorithm in Python

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Investigating the Rate of Protostar Formation

A simulation of a dynamic system of particles under the influence of gravity that visually demonstrates the way particles interact with each other in a vaccum.

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Retro Arcade Game

A Retro-themed video game inspired by 80's arcade-style games. There are 20 levels, and the game should take about 30 minutes to complete.


Community Detection in VKontakte & Algorithmic Complexity Analysis

The purpose of this project is to create a program that detects discrete groups in large graphs and apply it to categorize users into social groups on the Russian social media VKontakte.

Investigating the Rate of Protostar Formation with an N-body Simulation

The purpose of this investigation is to model the coalescence of particles forming a Protostar and to find factors affecting the rate of coalescence. This will be done using an “N-Body Simulation”, a computer program that models the interactions of particles while under the influence of gravity

Python Certificate
Aspiring Software Engineer from Moscow, Russia

Currently attending Tonbridge School, Kent (2016-present)

I received the Java SE 8 Programmer Qualification in 2018 after completing the OCAJP exam. My badge can be found here.

Being interested in Software Development since age 10, some of my earlier projects can be found here.

I am currently working towards the OCPJP (Oracle Certified Professional Programmer Qualification)

Java C# C Python GIT JS PHP SQL HTML CSS JQuery Bootstrap 4 JavaFX

I have the used the languages and technologies above in my projects. However, I am most proficient in Java, which is my preferred high-level language.

I decided to choose Java as my main programming language because of it's cross-platform compatibility and extensibility.

Most of my recent projects can be found on Github, where my progress can be tracked. All my projects have public repositories, so the code is free to view or copy.

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