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Social Media Communities

A program that detects different subcommunities in social network and groups them together.

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N-body Simulation

A visualization of the movement of objects in space.

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Retro Arcade Game

A bullet hell retro arcade game with 20 levels.

Python Certificate
CS @ Cornell

I am a Junior Computer Science major and Information Science minor interested in data science related research.

I have experience working on large-scale projects in Java, such as the one I worked on with 8 other developers for CS 3152: Game Development. In this project I designed a large inheritance tree to model the game objects (containing over 30 classes), which we structured the game around.

I also have experience with conducting unit tests and integration tests, which we used during the development of this project. Working on this team project has taught me a lot about debugging and writing effective documentation for other developers. Finally, I have a passion for creating solutions to interesting problems and for learning more about upcoming technologies and frameworks.

Java Python Kotlin C++ Shell R OCaml JavaScript React HTML CSS SQL D3.js Figma Docker AWS Cloud

I am currently looking for Software Engineering internship experience.

In my free time I enjoy climbing and going to the gym. I am also part of the cybersecurity club. Sometimes I work on my own software-related projects in my free time. Some of them are listed here:

Most of my recent projects can be found on Github where my progress can be tracked. All my projects have public repositories, so the code is free to view or copy.